Frostating lagmannsrett


    The Frostating Court of Appeal  staffed by 19 permanent judges, a head of administration and 11 executive officers.
    Tinghaugen på Loktu


    Senior Presiding Court of Appeal Judge:
    • Sven-Jørgen Lindsetmo, born 1960, cand.jur. 1988, appointed president in 2014. Higher Executive Offiser, later Law Adviser in the Department of Justice (1989-1993),  Judge at Stjør- and Verdal District Court (1993-1995), Advocate and partner in a firm in Steinkjer (1995-2006). Court of appeal judge (2006-2014)
    Presiding Court of Appeal Judges:
    • Kari Lynne, born 1956, cand.jur. 1981, appointed in 2002. Public Prosecutor for Trøndelag, Acting President of Orkdal District Court, Judge in Sør-Trøndelag District Court.
    • Hilde Vibeke Enger, born 1970, cand.jur 1996, appointed 2014. Deputy Judge at Stjør- and Verdal District court, Public prosecutor for Trondheim, County board chair in Child Welfare cases and Social affairs.
    Court of Appeal Judges:
    • Mats Stensrud, born 1950, cand.jur. 1977, appointed in 1989. Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Private Law at the University of Oslo, Head of the Legal Department in Forretningsbanken AS, Advocate in own firm in Trondheim.
    • Randi Grøndalen, born 1952, cand.jur. 1979, appointed in 1989. Advocate in Forretningsbanken AS.
    • Dag Brathole, born 1951, cand.jur. 1977, appointed in 2000. Advocate at Christiania Bank og Kreditkasse, Advocate in own firm in Kristiansund N. Leave of absence 2010-2012 to serve at NORLAM in Moldova. Leave of absence august 2013-2014 to serve as an international judge in Kosovo.
    • Arne K. Uggerud, born 1957, cand.jur. 1984, appointed in 2001. Public Prosecutor for Trøndelag. Leave of absence to July 2008 to work in the National Courts Administration.
    • Ivar Sølberg, born 1956, cand. jur. 1984, appointed in 2004. Advocate in own firm in Ålesund.
    • Marit Forsnes, born 1968, cand.jur. 1995. Advocate in firm in Trondheim.
    • Bjørn Berg, born 1969, cand.jur. 1996, dr. juris 2004, appointed in 2014. Assistant lecturer and doctorate at the Departement of Public Law at the University in Oslo. Legal secretary at Stortinget. Advocate in Trondheim. Judge at Trondheim District Court.
    • Sissel Finstad, born 1966, cand.jur. 1994, appointed 2013. Deputy Judge at Hålogaland Court of Appeal 2008, Judge at Hålogaland Court of Appeal 2010.
    • Erlend Malvik Moen, born 1967, cand. jur. 1994, appointed 2014. Legal advisor at the Ministry of Local Government and Labor as well as the Ministry of Justice. Deputy judge at the District Courts of Senja and Oslo, associate lawyer and lawyer with several law firms in Trondheim, police attorney with South and North Trøndelag Police Districts and a judge at the Nordmøre District Court.
    • Olav Magnus Hohle, appointed 2015.
    • Magne Reiten, born 1961, appointed 2016. Land consolidation court of appeal judge.
    • Kjersti Risem-Johansen, born 1971, cand.jur. 1997, appointed in 2016. Trainee lawyer in Oslo, Deputy Judge at Sør-Trøndelag District Court, lawyer and partner in Trondheim.
    • Ragnhild Vada, appointed in 2016.
    • Anniken Mellegard Douglass, appointed in 2018.
    • Tormod Anders Sletten, born 1962, cand. jur. 1989, appointed in 2018.  Assistant lecturer at the Department of Public Law at the University in Oslo. Trainee lawyer in Oslo, Deputy judge at Orkdal District Court, lawyer and partner in Trondheim.  Supreme Court Advocate from 2000.
    • Kari Leira Bjørsnøs, 

    Extraordinarily appointed Court of Appeal judges

    (Retired judges/lawyers appointed temporarily to serve in the Court of Appeal according to the needs of the court.)
    • Willy Nesset, former Head of Department, Trondheim
    • Gunnar Greger Hagen, former Presiding Court of Appeal Judge, Trondheim
    • Sissel Endresen, former Court of Appeal Judge, Trondheim
    • Rolf Karset, former District Court Judge
    • Leif Holm, former District Court Judge
    • Knut Røstum, former Court of Appeal Judge, Trondheim
    • Sverre Erik Jebens, former Court of Appeal Judge, Trondheim
    • Arve Rosvold Alver, former Court of Appeal Judge, Trondheim


    • Lars Kirksæther, Head of Administration, appointed from Jan 2013.
    Executive officers:
    • Viggo Finset, Senior adviser land consolidation
    • Morten Værnes, Adviser
    • Birthe E. Røed Buarø, Adviser
    • Maria Elena Sotuyo, Higher Executive Officer
    • Turid A. M. Meidell, Higher Executive Officer
    • Anne-Grethe Johansen, Higher Executive Officer
    • Lena Kjøsnes, Higher Executive Officer
    • Vibeke Fagerheim, Higher Executive Officer
    • Linda S. Johannessen, Higher Executive Officer
    Court ushers
    • Torstein Arntzen – Trondheim
    • Bjørn Joar Stokkan – Trondheim
    • Lars Tolo – Ålesund
    • Jan Inge Bugge, Molde and Kristiansund

    Telefon: 73 54 24 60 Åpningstid: Inntil videre tar vi ikke imot vanlig besøk, grunnet korona-utbruddet i samfunnet. Mail: Besøk: Munkegaten 20, Trondheim Post: Postboks 2315 Torgarden, 7004 Trondheim