Frostating lagmannsrett

Frequently asked questions

I have not been a lay judge before. Can you send me the brochure about members of the lay judges, etc?

Information is available under the menu «Court participants».

Can I check into the hotel on the day before the proceedings start, as I have a long way to travel?

In principle, you are not entitled to an extra night’s accommodation if the journey can start after 6 a.m. on the first day. Contact the Court of Appeal in advance for prior consent if you have a complicated route for your journey.

Should I book the hotel room myself?

Yes. Inform the hotel that you are to serve at the Frostating Court of Appeal. Bring the summons to appear in court, which you will need to show on your arrival at the hotel. Which hotel does the Frostating Court of Appeal use in Kristiansund, Molde and Ålesund? Information is available under the menu «Useful information», under travel expense reports.

 What are the requirements for exemption from service as a lay judge?

There are two main reasons for exemption:
  • Partiality due to kinship, friendship, etc. with the defendant, with parties in the case, etc.
  • Serious illness and especially weighty reasons related to welfare.
If you feel that you have a valid reason for exemption, contact the Court of Appeal about this as soon as you have received the summons to appear in court. They will consider the issue.

How many days will we be involved when it says that the court sitting lasts from 1-2 days?

The proceedings may close at the end of the first day, but the judgement itself is delivered on the second day.

The court sitting is scheduled to last a whole week, and I become ill after Day 2. Can I be excused from court?

If someone becomes ill in the middle of the court proceedings, a medical certificate is required from the first day. The proceedings must be postponed, since there will then not be a sufficient number of judges present. It is not possible to bring in an alternate member at the end of the court proceedings unless the alternate member has participated from the beginning.

The proceedings are scheduled to last several weeks, and I have already made an important appointment (for example, check-up in hospital/surgery) during this period – what can I do?

As soon as you have received the summons, you must notify the Court of Appeal about this.

Can I use my private car, even though there is a bus or train service along the same route?

In principle, the journey must be made at the least possible cost to the State. If you wish to have a mileage allowance approved in such cases (and not just have the cost of the bus or train ticket refunded), you must obtain permission from the Court of Appeal in advance.

What happens if I fail to attend the court as a lay judge?

In principle you will be fined by the court, and at the same time you will be registered in the register of fines (bøteregisteret). If you are summoned as a lay judge, it is a civic duty to attend.

What happens if I fail to attend the court as a witness?

Witnesses summoned in criminal cases may be arrested by the police and made to appear before for the court.

If I no longer want to serve as a lay judge what must I do?

It is the individual’s municipality/municipal council that selects a certain number of people as lay judges, and you must contact your local municipality and apply for exemption from the position. The Court of Appeal draws lay judges by lot from the panel compiled by the municipalities for a four-year period.

If I believe that I am incompetent in the case because of my association with one of the parties, with the defence counsel or with the prosecutor, what do I do?

As soon as you have received the summons, you must notify the Court of Appeal about this. The court will consider the issue.

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